About Us

The lighted tree ball craze was born in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1997 when the neighbors in the Sunset Hills section introduced the city, the state and the nation to a new way of celebrating Christmas. Using lighted balls made of wire wrapped in strings of mini lights and hung from the tops of trees, the Sunset Hills residents created a brilliant showcase of glowing color and light with a cosmic effect so powerful that thousands of visitors return to the community year after year to experience it’s dazzling beauty. Anndori Outdoor Art, LLC has pioneered a method of replacing the wire in the original balls with a window-paned, spherical frame made of lightweight polypropylene plastic. Now available in any quantity desired, these new, delightfully handcrafted, quality constructed tree balls will allow you to create that same effect in your yard without all of the work.

Quality Construction

Our lighted balls are:

  • Handcrafted with professional care 
  • Made of flexible, molded polypropylene plastic to maintain consistency in size and shape
  • Made with UL rated mini lights, super bright 2.5 v bulbs, spaced 2.5 “ a part with end to end connectors
  • Packaged in environmentally-friendly poly bags to save on paper and waste and prevent damage

Brilliant Appearance

  • Sparkling, eye-catching lighting that adds a warm, decorative glow to special occasions such as picnics, cookouts, barbecues, weddings, graduations and birthday parties
  • Festive and colorful lighting for holiday celebrations during Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day
  • Available in a variety of colors appropriate for any celebration or holiday occasion: red, white, blue, amber and green and multicolored.

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